Hotelier Shimmie Horn may win city homeless shelter contracts

June 20, 2011 12:00AM

Manhattan hotelier Shimmie Horn, whose former family business Correctional Services Corporation (note: correction appended) ended up at the center of a lawmaker-bribery scandal in 2003, could make heaps in taxpayer money if the city opts to turn four warehouses purchased by Horn into city shelters, the New York Post reported.

If the arrangement is cemented, the Department of Homeless Services would pay $6 million each year to non-profit organizations to operate rehabilitation centers, and in return, providers would pay out rental checks worth millions to providers such as Horn’s management company.

Horn would most likely supply four shelters. He bought the properties, in Greenpoint, Ocean Hill and East New York, recently for $12 million, according to city records.

Horn’s dealings are difficult to track, according to the Post. His lawyer, partner and contractor are all listed as owners of the properties. However, the Midtown address given on all papers leads back to Horn’s office.

Horn’s father, Morris Horn, owned a number of notorious homeless hotels in the 1980s as well as halfway houses for federal prisoners.

As for the bribery scandal, in 2002, the city gave $7 million in housing payments to buildings in which Horn was invested. It was later revealed that Bronx Assemblywoman Gloria Davis and Brooklyn Assemblyman Roger Green received free limousine rides and campaign contributions in return for helping the company get state contracts.

As previously reported, a Greenpoint community board fought hard against a Horn halfway house earlier this year.

Horn owns Midtown’s Iroquois New York and Washington Jefferson hotels. [Post]