Kondylis grads opt for smaller projects

June 24, 2011 01:46PM

Goldstein Hill & West Architects, the architecture firm founded by Alan Goldstein, L. Stephen Hill and David West, former partners in Costas Kondylis’ firm, are beginning to forge an identity independent of the Kondylis legacy, according to Real Estate Weekly. Having completed all their remaining Costas Kondylis and Partners contracts, they’re opting for a more diverse range of projects, and looking outside New York. One of their most recent projects is Liberty Green, Milstein Properties’ residential building in Battery Park City.

When they first started out, following the shuttering of Costas Kondylis firm in January 2010, Goldstein Hill & West completed existing Kondylis projects such as Larry Silverstein’s Silver Towers, Extell Development’s Rushmore and Aldyn, and the Continental, by Atlantic Realty Development. Now they have begun to take on smaller new projects as well, 100,000 square feet or even less than 25,000 square feet in scope. They have been eyeing potential developments in Boston and the Northeast, and branching into office and commercial spaces.

“Our new firm is a little more broad-stroked,” Hill said.

The firm has an edge when it comes to land use, Real Estate Weekly said. West is a zoning veteran, and estimates that he has done studies of roughly 2,000 Manhattan sites. 

As for Kondylis, when The Real Deal reported the dissolution of Costas Kondlyis & Partners, he said he planned to try to maintain a strategic alliance with the former partners and involve them in future projects. [REW]