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Toshi’s illegal hotel empire still going strong?

June 30, 2011 03:08PM

“The Departed” actor Robert “Toshi” Chan’s alleged illegal hotel empire is still going strong despite a new law solidifying statutes against transient occupancy, which went into effect in May. According to Chelsea Now, tourists are still staying illegally at 325 East 10th Street, 203 East 14th Street, 808 Drigg’s Avenue, 352 West 39th Street and 65 Bank Street. Despite those four Toshi properties being cited for violations earlier this year, Toshi’s general manager, Jason Montello, denied that the stays are illegal and claimed that the company had been unfairly victimized by the Bloomberg administration’s crackdown.

“Personally… I’m a little confused with the laws,” he said, “because it’s not like anyone came to us and explained the thin line of what we can and can’t do. The building has a sprinkler system. It has everything you need to feel safe… It’s just nitpicking.”

Many legal tenants of Toshi’s New York City buildings are unhappy with the goings-on. “I have to deal with their… Luggage Outside My Place all the time,” one resident said. “And the van that picks them up or drops [the tourists] off usually comes at least once a day, anytime, sometimes in the middle of the night.”

Danielle Green, a resident of 325 East 10th Street, said that Icon Realty Management, the owner of her building, spends all its time appeasing Toshi and neglecting the legal residents. “When we mention anything about the vacation rentals up front, they just ignore it.”

Icon said it is aware that Toshi has engaged in illegal activity. “Yes we’re aware of what Toshi does with the apartments,” said leasing coordinator Latifa. “And no, we haven’t taken any action to stop them… we’re not worried about it.” [Chelsea Now]

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