$3 million funding shortfall poses problem for WTC memorial

July 01, 2011 10:00AM

Construction at the WTC memorial

Just two and a half months before the scheduled opening of the Sept. 11 memorial, the project has come to a stalemate in terms of funding, according to NY1. Due to open on Sept. 11, the memorial is facing a $3 million funding gap, which the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says it cannot fill.

Construction fencing, security cameras and a screening area have yet to be completed at the project.

“This is not that someone hasn’t been pulling their weight; it’s rather that the necessary pieces that you need to put in place have grown over time,” said Port Authority Executive Director Christopher Ward. “This is an enormously complex operation, that you’re seeing construction estimates change and grow over time.”

The Port Authority approved $4 million in construction contracts yesterday, but the $3 million bill in extra costs will have to be footed by someone else, it said.

Funding issues will be worked out with the city and the Port Authority, and the timetable for opening will be unaffected, a memorial spokesperson said. [NY1]