Borough Park tenant evicted in latest Taub divorce twist

July 27, 2011 11:12AM

Simon Taub (top), Chana Taub and 1850 52nd Street

The never-ending Simon and Chana Taub divorce saga took its latest bizarre twist yesterday, when Soya Radin, a friend of Chana’s, was evicted from the Borough Park apartment she rented from the Taubs. According to the New York Times, Chana alleged that this was her husband’s doing, in an effort to exact revenge on her.

If you’ll recall, the Taubs, who own several Brooklyn properties, have endured a lengthy divorce case beginning in 2005 that gained fame in 2008 when a judge ordered they split their Borough Park residence in half with wallboard and plywood after neither was willing to let go of the home. The court has since ruled that the couple must sell the home, much to the dismay of Chana. She plans to appeal.

One of the assets in limbo is a single unit at 1850 52nd Street, a three-story residential building in Borough Park, where Radin was renting. She moved in to the building in 2009, after Chana evicted the previous residents. Taub charged Radin $1,175 per month at first, but after the apartment was damaged and the ceiling began collapsing, the Times said, Taub told Radin to pay a nominal rent of $3.99 to protest the conditions. But Radin didn’t pay anything for a year and a judge ordered she be evicted.

“It’s all coming from my husband,” Chana said. “He wants to harass her to get to me.” [NYT]