Peck Slip Plaza construction could force businesses to close

July 28, 2011 05:41PM

A construction project to transform the South Street Seaport that is set to start this weekend after many delays could force around 30 restaurants and small businesses in the area to close, am New York reported. The project is intended to transform Peck Slip Plaza into a park. Part of the construction will involve shutting off water to several of the restaurants at different hours and the business owners point out that it would be illegal for them to operate without running water. The owners also say that noise from jackhammers and scaffolding will keep customers away from the scenic outdoor seating that is the area’s draw. They suggest postponing the project until winter. The city’s Department of Design and Construction pointed out that the construction will take four years regardless of whether it starts this summer. While the local community board is hopeful that the project can create open space in the area, it has urged the DDC to minimize the impact of the construction as much as possible. [amNY]