Morgan Stanley to sell mortgage services arm, 1 WTC reaches 76 stories … and more

August 03, 2011 05:28PM

1. Morgan Stanley to sell Saxon Mortgage Services

2. Mall owners using technology to attract visitors, track
consumer’s habits

3. Unemployment rose in more than 90 U.S. cities in June
[AP via HuffPo]

4. Housing market rebound will take many months
[Money Morning]

5. Moody’s, Fitch maintain AAA rating for U.S.
[Daily Beast]

6. HUD might decrease loan limits for 669 counties

7. General Growth to spin off 30 lower-quality malls

8. CB1 publishes plan to keep affordable housing in Lower Manhattan
[Broadsheet Daily]

10. NY Islanders owner not giving up on Long Island

11. Upper East Siders protest newsstand
[Our Town]

12. 1 WTC at 76 stories

13. Developers trying to bring Fifth Avenue luxury beyond 96th Street

14. Parking lot closes ahead of George Washington bus terminal


15. Small gyms in search of space

16. Forest Hills tennis club issues RFP

17. New York City Center to reopen in October

18. A list of the biggest hotel projects begun this year

19. Mortgage interest deduction could be part of upcoming budget cuts

20. Union Avenue rental building in Williamsburg will have
concierge service

21. Central Park Zoo peacock spends night on UES 5th Avenue
condo windowsill

22. Obama expects resolution of FAA shutdown that has delayed
construction by end of week

23. Comparing the tallest buildings of the world