Luxury condos building lounges for teenagers

August 05, 2011 12:06PM

From left: Joanie Schumacher, director of sales at the Laurel, the Laurel’s teen lounge and the Laureate’s teen lounge (source: NY1)

Too old for the toddler play-room and not quite of age to head to the bar across the street, teenagers are the latest focus of luxury residential developments, according to NY1. Increasingly, teen rooms are listed next to gyms and pools in amenity lists.

For example, the Laureate condominium at 2150 Broadway, near West 76th Street, has a teen lounge with an educational twist, offering iPad and computer stations, educational activities, books, music and a soundproof room for music lessons. Across town, the Laurel condo at 400 East 67th Street on the Upper East Side has a more recreation oriented teen lounge, which feature a pool table, a foosball table, arcade games and an iPod dock.

“Teen lounges are a huge trend right now. There’s spaces in apartment buildings where you can go and hang out. People don’t have backyards. They live in apartments that don’t have basements, but they have a lounge area where kids can hang,” said Joanie Schumacher, director of sales at the Laurel. [NY1]