Looking for a cheap hotel room in Manhattan? Try Chelsea

August 10, 2011 01:45PM

The hotel industry has been booming in Manhattan of late, but there are still bargains to be found — especially if visitors look towards Chelsea.

According to Cheaphotels.org’s Budget Hotel Report, budget hotel rooms, defined as two and two-and-a-half star hotels, in New York City cost an average of $147 per night this month, the most of any top-30 tourist destination in the country. Boston was the next most expensive for tourists on a budget, as rooms averaged $130 per night, while Phoenix was the least expensive, commanding just $63 for the average August night in a budget hotel.

No surprise, Manhattan was the most expensive destination, as even its cheapest neighborhood, Chelsea, cost $202 per night — $15 more than the most expensive U.S. neighborhood for budget hotels outside Manhattan, Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.
But it may come as some surprise that a neighborhood known for the Jane Hotel, the Standard Hotel and other new, chic lodging destinations, was the city’s cheapest.

Times Square-Broadway budget hotels averaged $225 per night, budget hotels on the Upper East and Upper West sides commanded $215, while Midtown and the Lower East Side each cost $205.

A quick search on the site for a hotel room for two adults for this weekend shows that the New World Hotel at 101 Bowery on the Lower East Side had the cheapest Manhattan rate, at $150 per night. The least expensive Chelsea hotel was the Gem Hotel at 300 West 22nd Street, where rooms start at $189. [Cheaphotels via DNAinfo]