Real estate industry sees job gains

August 19, 2011 04:15PM

New York City added 22,800 jobs in July, and job gains in June were
revised up to 3,800 from 1,400, according to a report from Eastern
Consolidated released today. Of the added
jobs in July, 19,200 were in the private sector and 3,600 were in the
public sector, the first time since February that there has been
growth in government jobs.

While the real estate industry added 900 jobs in July and has added
4,600 jobs so far this year, the construction industry lost 600 jobs in July.

The securities industry posted its third straight month with a loss,
as it shed 2,330 jobs, according to the report, which is
not surprising given the market
volatility stemming from the debt ceiling talks in July, the S&P
downgrade on U.S.
as well as a steady stream of negative reports from Europe.

Statistics are based on preliminary data released from the New York
State Department of Labor that was seasonally adjusted by Eastern
Consolidated. — Miranda Neubauer