Hurricane Irene destroys NJ house belonging to former Skid Row band member

August 30, 2011 12:50PM

Canadian heavy metal singer Sebastian Bach is looking to move to Los Angeles after his New Jersey home was destroyed by Hurricane Irene, CBS New York and the New York Daily News reported. He had been living in Red Bank, N.J., for 21 years in a house that was featured on the TV show “MTV Cribs.” Now Bach, a former member of the band Skid Row, has lost his KISS memorabilia, including gargoyles from the 1979 tour and a KISS pinball machine, as well as master tapes, video and audio, and concerts from his own band. His home has now been condemned until the water recedes and he has been ordered not to pump water out of the home for fear of electrocution. In a Facebook post, Bach, whose legal name is Sebastian Philip Bierk, said he had been holding on to the home after filed divorce papers in December. He could not “let go of the only home he had ever known.” Now, the foundation has crumbled and the house could completely collapse at any time. [CBS New York]  and [NYDN]