Silver presents obstacle for city casino

August 31, 2011 12:18PM

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver doesn’t want casinos in New York City

Though budget issues have forced several New York politicians, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, to seriously consider allowing casinos in the city, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he strongly opposes it, the New York Daily News reported.

Silver does support gambling in resort areas like the Catskills and Saratoga Springs, yet is wary of “people going out for lunch during work and losing a week’s pay or a month’s pay.”

But bringing casinos to the city would produce both revenue from tourists and locals that pour some $5 blllion into gambling sites at Atlantic City and Foxwoods.

“The gaming issue is an issue that this state has to come to grips with,” Cuomo said earlier this month. A Democratic strategist said Silver could prove a big obstacle to the plan if he makes it a baseline issue.

Resorts World Casino, which is operating the Aqueduct’s forthcoming racino and wants to bring a full-blown casino to the city, said it would work to try and get Silver to reconsider his opposition. [NYDN]