Prudential finances 601 Lexington, Zuckerman calls Obama administration “anti-business” … and more

September 02, 2011 08:17AM

1. Prudential Mortgage Capital provides $200 million in financing for 601 Lexington Avenue
[Market Watch]

2. Mort Zuckeman calls the Obama administration “anti-business”

3. Art dealer Maxwell Graham prepares for opening of Essex Street gallery

4. ‘Real Housewife’ Sonja Tremont-Morgan clings to Manhattan home amidst money troubles

5. Three years after hitting the market, 448 of Sky View Park condos in Queens are unsold

6. Little evidence that Obama’s refinancing housing strategy will work
[Washington Times]

7. Bank of New York Mellon may trim real estate costs
[Business Week]

8. Former Harry Winston store at 56th Street and Fifth Avenue gets a clean up [NYT]
9. REITS hit by SEC review

10. Turtle Bay video store fights for survival

11. Second Avenue Subway construction causes rifts on the Upper East Side

12. A Tribeca condo that takes storage space very seriously

13. CEO of Harlem’s Giscombe Realty Group talks leasing and development

14. Superfund classifies East Elmhurst dry-cleaner site a public health hazard
[Queens Chronicle]