Brooklyn woman claims eviction due to thwarting landlord’s sexual advances

September 19, 2011 04:20PM

A Brooklyn woman claims she and her daughter are being evicted from their Crescent Street apartment near Ozone Park because she refused her landlord’s sexual advances, the New York Post reported.

In a $15 Million Brooklyn Federal Court suit, Sheretha Keaton has accused Andrew Uwa of making moves on her since she moved into the three-bedroom unit in 2005.

“It started from Day One, but I ignored it because I needed a place to live… It’s not that easy to relocate,” said Keaton, who gets Section 8 housing benefits that pay almost half of her $1,350 monthly rent. “I don’t have money to move just like that.”

Uwa allegedly swore at Keaton and her daughter, and refused to do necessary repairs after Keaton rejected his propositions.

While Uwa could not be reached for comment, his wife, Denise, mocked the charges.
“I don’t know why they won’t just get out of our house,” she said. “Whenever she called, we responded.” [Post]