House Committee investigating mortgage fraud affecting veterans, Port Authority overspent on WTC … and more

October 17, 2011 05:26PM

1. House Committee investigating mortgage fraud affecting veterans
[Washington post]

2. Port Authority overspent on WTC reconstruction

3. Poll: Most New Yorkers support Occupy Wall Street

4. Mayor: Constitution doesn’t protect tents at Zuccotti Park

5. UES residents rally against Related’s plans for playground

6. Italian boutique taking over from French bistro Bilboquet on UES

7. TWA terminal could reopen before 2012

8. New York’s first gay hotel could revitalize Hell’s Kitchen

9. Mortgage standards are changing [Housingpredictor]
10. East Harlem block undergoing changes [NY1]
11. Design of Forest City Yonkers shopping mall incorporates
lessons from Atlantic Yards

12. Stanford, Cornell and Columbia have a chance at engineering
school as new possible locations emerge

13. Real estate helping lead city out of recession

14. Urban boom means companies are looking for smaller spaces

15. The role of iconic places in political protests

16. New comedy club opening on Vernon Boulevard

17. Foreclosed homes becoming crime scenes

18. Brooklyn’s most valuable townhouse on market for $7.5 million

19. Conference calls for expansion of transit manufacturing
sites in city

20. Jehovah’s Witnesses’ sell-off in Brooklyn brings
opportunities for neighborhood

21. St. Vincent’s Triangle Park could become AIDS memorial park