Syms shares rise as bankruptcy unlocks valuable real estate, South Soho is the new Soho … and more

November 03, 2011 08:24AM

Howard Street near Crosby Street in South Soho

1. Syms bankruptcy filing unlocks valuable real estate, lifting the company’s stock price

2. South Soho is becoming the fashion mecca that once existed in now-commercialized central Soho

3. The 10 most expensive distressed homes for sale in the Hamptons
[Business Insider]

4. Census Bureau measures city to be 2 square miles smaller than believed

5. For first time in three years, U.S. homeownership rates increase

6. Regis Philbin gets advice on selling his $27.5M apartment on tonight’s “Selling New York”
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7. City threatens to close six poor-performing charter schools

8. Inside the renovated carriage house on East 63rd Street that’s asking $38.5M

9. Actor Alan Rickman stops at $2.59 million One Morton Square unit in apartment hunt
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10. Much-hyped bowling alley in Harlem, opened with Bill Clinton, could shut down

11. Ex-tennis pro Blatsiotis to rent out condo in Cielo on UES for $2,700
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12. Coney Island boardwalk stores auctioned off their memorabilia this week