Intrepid submits proposal for NASA shuttle

November 04, 2011 02:24PM

Rendering of Intrepid’s new space
After winning one of four NASA shuttles in April, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum realized the structure might be too big for its existing grounds.

According to DNAinfo, this week, the Hell’s Kitchen museum submitted plans and architectural renderings to the local community board for a new structure across the West Side Highway from the Intrepid Museum, at West 46th Street, that would house the shuttle.
The museum does not yet own the land.

The new museum would be a spiraling glass structure with classrooms, labs, a theater and a rooftop restaurant centered around the shuttle. Community Board 4 members largely supported the proposal.

“A museum! I can’t believe it, it’s not a massage parlor,” said board member J.D. Noland. “It’s for kids! It’s wonderful. It elevates the community.”

Intrepid expects the museum to have an additional 300,000 visitors per year, bring 1,186 new jobs and generate $143 million in revenue per annum. [DNAinfo]