Aqueduct rakes in $15M in gambling money in 10 days, Bronx tenant gets $33K from landlord in rent charges … and more

November 08, 2011 08:15AM

The Waldorf-Astoria train station (credit: Gothamist)

1. Through 10 days bettors place $15 million into electronic gambling machines at Aqueduct

2. Bronx’s birthplace of hip-hop building sold to debt holder after foreclosure auction yields no bids

3. Bronx tenant gets $33,000 from landlord after rent overcharges

4. Botox manufacturer to build new $12M research facility in New Jersey thanks to grants

5. Chimney collapses at 528 East 13th Street

6. Notorious landlord forces out actor’s favorite Caffe Vivaldi in the Village by tripling rent [Vanishing NY]
7. Time Warner CEO widow Courtney Sale Ross re-lists 740 Park home for $60M

8. 3 WTC construction worker falls 20 feet from scaffold

9. A look at the secret train platform beneath Waldorf-Astoria

10. Longtime Montauk restaurant Salivar’s sells for $3.3M

11. New Bronx park named for Assembly member Estella Diggs

12. Bend in West Village street grid allows 18-foot-wide home a 48-foot-wide backyard

13. What to see in Roosevelt Island