Vikings owner/real estate developer Wilf draws ire for $19M UES co-op purchase

November 30, 2011 04:48PM

Zygmunt Wilf, principal owner of the Minnesota Vikings and a real estate developer, has purchased a $19 million co-op on the Upper East Side in cash, the New York Observer reported. Unfortunately, he made the political mistake of asking for millions in tax breaks for a new stadium for his flailing team in the same week.

Across the Internet, Wilf is getting slammed for splurging on a new pad while asking for subsidies from taxpayers for a new stadium in St. Paul, M.N. “Pro Tip: Don’t buy a $19 million home while begging the public for hundreds of millions in stadium subsidies,” one former fan tweeted, according to the Observer.

Wilf and his wife will soon settle into a four-bedroom, 4.5-bath full-floor co-op at 778 Park Avenue, between 73rd and 74th streets, the Observer said. The building has been home to Brooke Astor and William F. Buckley.

Wilf, who operates Garden Homes and Garden Commercial Properties, has constructed over 25,000 homes in his career according to estimates from City Pages, St. Paul’s alternative weekly newspaper.

Wilf and five partners purchased the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League from Clear Channel Communications founder Red McCombs in 2005 for a reported $600 million. [NYO]