Fisher Bros. billionaire bilked out of $500K

December 07, 2011 01:01PM

Candia Fisher

Real estate billionaire Candia Fisher was defrauded out of more than half a million dollars, the New York Post reported.

Candia Fisher, 64, sister to Richard Fisher, who is the father of Winston Fisher, partner at real estate company Fisher Brothers, is an avid email user. When a hacker gained access to her personal email account, he or she was easily able to pose as Fisher and convince a personal secretary of hers to wire $548,725 to banks in Australia. When another secretary of Fisher’s saw the large sums being transferred overseas and alerted the heiress, she said she knew nothing about them, the Post said.

Authorities were alerted and are trying to put a hold on the latest wire, which was for $176,000, the Post said.

Fisher Brothers holds stakes in Class A office towers such as 299 Park, 605 Third Avenue, 1345 Sixth Avenue and Park Avenue Plaza, at 52nd Street. Fisher Brothers is also a partner in the residential development Columbus Park. [Post]