Studley retail brokers seek clients from Europe, Asia

December 07, 2011 02:01PM

When Studley tapped Patrick Breslin, an executive in Grubb & Ellis’ retail operations, in October, he was charged with leading the company’s first Manhattan retail services division. Just a few months later, Breslin said the firm is in the midst of pitching to tenants locally, regionally and nationally and may be bringing in first-time New York City tenants from Europe, Asia and South America.

“I went to Europe two weeks ago and spent some time with some of our counterparts in Paris and in Italy and managed to meet some of the significant luxury brand people in Europe and some of the middle-of-the-road brands, as well,” Breslin told the New York Observer. “It’s well received. We’re dealing with companies from Asia who are high-end pastry and coffee shops and tea shops.”

Breslin told the Observer he’d found it somewhat daunting to head up retail at a brokerage that had not previously focused on retail, but Studley’s client base had served him well.

“I’ve had more referrals and meetings with retailers in the last 90 days than I could probably add up in the previous 25 years,” he said. “I attribute it to the type of clients that we represent on the office space side.”

Breslin didn’t hold back when asked what he would be doing at this year’s International Council of Shopping Centers retail trade show, which occurred Monday and Tuesday in New York City: “I’m going to be checking out, and going after with vengeance, all of my competitors’ customers,” he said. “It’s a little facetious.” [NYO]