Protesters eye Trinity’s Duarte Square for next encampment

December 13, 2011 04:53PM

Just over a month after being forced from Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street protesters will test a new landlord’s patience, as according to the Atlantic, they plan to set up camp at the Trinity Church owned Duarte Square.

Comprising 0.45 acres along Sixth Avenue between Grand and Canal streets, the site is about the same size as the protesters’ initial base. They have unsuccessfully been pressuring Trinity Church to allow them to camp at the space for some time, but on Saturday a group plans to hold a rally with a musical act to attract a crowd and eventually encroach on the fenced off land with tents, kitchen supplies, the library and other staples of The Occupy Wall Street protests.

“We’ll make them decide whether they’re a real estate organization or a church, a place of sanctuary,” said Patrick Bruner, an Occupy spokesperson, referring to the church’s commercial realty business. The church currently leases the space to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council which has used it for an exhibition site called LentSpace. [Atlantic Wire]