For moguls, ’tis the season to be social

Real estate big shots mix and mingle in New York high society
By V.L. Hendrickson | December 14, 2011 01:46PM

From left: Kara and Stephen Ross at a benefit for the Everglades Foundation at the Breakers in Palm Beach; Larry and Klara Silverstein, with their daughter Lisa and son-in-law Tal Kerret, at the New York Philharmonic (credit: Amanda Gordon/Bloomberg News)

From the December issue: The holiday season is upon us, and New York’s society scenesters are busy with glittering galas and luncheons. Real estate moguls are no strangers to these events, and clusters of the industry’s biggest players can be seen at almost every party.

“People from the real estate world really do make a splash,” said Amanda Gordon, the social columnist for Bloomberg News. “The business is all about relationships, so they thrive at events where they can develop relationships that may bear fruit later, or celebrate those [relationships] that have worked out really well for them.”

This year, for example, many real estate moguls are eagerly awaiting a party at the Park Avenue Armory in honor of the Streb dance company’s “Kiss the Air” tour, Gordon said. The event is hosted by Olivia and Adam Flatto of the Georgetown Company, a real estate investment and development firm.