9/11 memorial attracts 1M visitors, landlords are killing small businesses … and more

December 29, 2011 08:11AM

The 9/11 memorial

1. Sixteen weeks after opening, 9/11 memorial prepares for its one millionth visitor

2. Unlike NYC, LI actually gained construction jobs this year

3. EV restaurant Polonia closes, says landlords are killing small businesses throughout the city
[The Local]

4. Beloved Harlem barber finds new space days before rising rents were to force him from 60-year-old shop

5. Women injured in Plaza hotel elevator last year joins in suing hotel operator Transel

6. How chef of Cafe Asean and Wong landed in a Village townhouse-turned-condo at the height of the bubble

7. Steuben Glass closed last week after 108 years in business

8. Son of owner of former Hell’s Kitchen lounge Babalu, opens restaurant with same name in the Bronx

9. How to decide whether its worth turning an extra closet into an office before selling an apartment

10. News is so slow this week that an Astoria broker who shaved his 35-year-old mustache gets coverage