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What corner is this?

January 10, 2012 12:00PM

Can you guess on what corner this photo was taken? Reply in the comments. Whoever gets it right first will win a one-year subscription to The Real Deal magazine. Don’t forget you have to log in to comment. TRD

  • ssschoi

    Fifth Avenue and 30th Street

    • alexmi4

      Fifth Avenue and 30th Street

  • sckichline

    John and Broadway

  • ezaretsky

    27th and Fifth, northwest corner.

  • ezaretsky

    No, just realized the cab is going north,its not 27th and Fifth….

  • Scrooged

    I would have never guessed that and I go past there every day.

  • seanmash

    SE corner of 30th street, 5th avenue

  • ssam4726

    Fifth Avenue & 30th Street, Southeast Corner

  • ofer

    281 5th Ave, NY

  • johnnywoo

    5th and 30th…. 281 fifth ave

  • RE-NYC

    south east corner of 5th avenue and 30th street. I believe it’s partly owned by Ilan Bracha (coincidentally advertised at the bottom of this page!)

  • Ben

    East 30th & 5th Ave

  • aboutehsaz

    South East Corner of 30th Street and 5th Avenue owned by John from SK Properties

  • hsre

    281 5th Ave, SE Corner of East 30th Street
    Sk properties owns it, has future plans to develop

  • joecangolf

    30th and Fifth avenue

  • alexmi4

    5th Avenue and 30th Street

  • JDM

    b’way and broome

  • lauren_elkies

    The correct answer is Fifth Avenue and 30th Street.