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China targets Florida, NY residential markets

By Alexander Britell | January 20, 2012 02:00PM

From the South Florida website: New York and South Florida’s residential market was buoyed by an influx of foreigners last year. But a new player could be emerging from the Far East: China. Generally, Chinese buyers like to purchase where there is already an entrenched Chinese community, with Chinese people and Chinese restaurants — something which New York has, but South Florida lacks right now, said South Florida-based Coldwell Banker Realtor Jeanne Nicastri. But they’re also influenced by their friends, she said, and the more Chinese buyers that decide to make the move, the more that could join them. “Although [South Florida is] a long way from China, we have become very trendy, and we’re on the trendy map,” Nicastri said. “Since they’re already involved in New York, and Miami is an offshoot of New York, that’s what’s driving them to come here.” [more]