LI brokers celebrate end of dismal 2011 by shredding failed deal docs, Mets auction off pieces of Citi Field … and more

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January 20, 2012 08:00 AM

1. LI brokers shred failed deal documents at party celebrating the end of a poor 2011 [NYT]
2. Obama wants AGs to reach settlement with robo-signing lenders before his State of the Union address, but that appears unlikely [Post]
3. Cuomo says convention center plan would “cost the State of New York bubkes” [NYT]
4. City plans for fewer single adults in its homeless shelters, City Council sues [NYDN]
5. State employee allegedly steals $1M from housing-subsidy program for poor [Post]
6. Analysts forecast sales of existing homes to rise to highest level since May 2010 [Bloomberg]
7. Co-op boards generally have a lot of freedom when setting maintenance fees [NYT]
8. Mets auction off pieces of three-year old Citi Field [Post]
9. NYC’s old milestone markers, which gave distances to important locations, are surprisingly hard to find [NYT]
10. Williamsburg Bank of America branch becomes fourth landmarked bank in neighborhood [Brooklyn Paper]
11. More home buyers on Long Island are falling in love with wet bars [NYT]