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Special needs housing gets second shot at condos in Harlem’s Savoy West

January 25, 2012 03:00PM

The Harlem community board will consider reversing a previous objection against Community Options New York’s plan to purchase two condominium units in the Savoy West to house seven developmentally disabled men.

Community Board 10 recently rejected the plan to purchase two $500,000 units for the men because it felt the neighborhood already had too much “special interest housing.” In 2008, it placed a moratorium on future attempts at such housing, which includes drug treatment centers, halfway houses and group homes.

But DNAinfo said the board now believes the moratorium was too vague and didn’t consider the distinction between a small push for group housing and larger drug treatment and halfway house facilities. It has postponed a planned meeting with state health officials to revisit the topic.

“I don’t think Harlem is saturated with similar facilities for people with developmental disabilities. They may be a bit underserved,” said Eileen Egan, regional vice president for Community Options New York. “The community board is counting a 200-bed nursing home as being in the same category of a three-person residence for the intellectually disabled.”

Community options has already quelled concerns raised by the condo board at the Savoy West, at 555 Lenox Avenue, near 138th Street. [DNAinfo]