The Real Deal New York

LI market dances to its own tune

January 27, 2012 01:00PM

Long Island real estate is a complex, emotional and counter-intuitive game, the New York Times reported.

According to surveys and analyses from firms like Redfin and Miller Samuel, many generalizations, often thought to be “truths” of real estate, are off when it comes to selling on the island.

For instance, winter is not necessarily a terrible time to put a house on the market; actually, the end of winter yields some of the most profitable sales, and an early spring listing, March especially, can help a house sell quickly, data from the above firms show.

But some obvious lessons still apply. For example, you should never list a home on a Saturday night. That’s like “coming up a day late and a dollar short,” said Glenn Kelman, chief executive of Redfin. [NYT]