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Tensions rise as one arts organization evicts other

January 27, 2012 02:00PM

LaMama E.T.C., the arts organization that runs a theater on East 4th Street and owns a block of buildings it rents to other art organizations along the street, has sent an eviction notice to tenant Millenium Film Workshop, the Village Voice reported.

Millenium Film, at 66 East 4th Street, is a project of director Ken Jacobs, whose film, “Seeking the Monkey King,” played at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. LaMama cited a “failure to pay rent for 10 months,” as the reason in the notice, the Voice said.

Today LaMama responded to Wednesday’s original Voice article, saying it has been carrying the costs of running Millenium’s space for months, but that it “support[s] the mission of Millennium Film and consider[s] it a very important cultural institution.”

Antagonisms continue however, as LaMama received the building for the cost of $1 in 2005. Opponents to the eviction feel the historic organization, which has been in the building since 1975, should be allowed to remain.

LaMama said in a statement sent to the Voice that it would like Millenium to remain in its building. [Village Voice] and [Village Voice]