SL Green to invest in more NYC apartments, Apple gives big boost to other Grand Central retailers … and more

February 06, 2012 08:00AM

1. SL Green considers more investment in NYC apartments [WSJ, 2nd item]
2. Tallest tower in the southeast U.S. heads to foreclosure auction [Bloomberg]
3. Apple is bringing more business to its Grand Central Terminal neighbors [Crain’s]
4. California and New York are closer to getting on board with U.S.’ robo-signing settlement [NYT]
5. Retail is improving along 8th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues [NYDN]
6. How 32BJ SEIU President Mike Fishman made the union a key player in NYC politics [Crain’s]
7. Floor collapses outside Slave Theater in Bed-Stuy, injures smokers [Post]
8. $65 million renovation is underway at the Helmsley Hotel [WSJ, 1st item]
9. Brooklyn business leaders release video in support of NYU’s applied-science proposal [Post]
10. Allstate’s $700M suit against BofA gets dismissed, offering protection to bank against future Countrywide lawsuits [Bloomberg]
11. Meanwhile, BofA considers closing all U.S. offices outside Charlotte and NYC headquarters to cut costs [Bloomberg]
12. Inside the Waldorf-Astoria’s $10,000 per night presidential suite [NYDN]
13. 24-hour cities, like NYC, Miami and Chicago, bring better returns on real estate investment [WSJ, 3rd item]
14. 31 of city’s top 100 overtime earners are NYCHA plumbers, one collected $188,000 [Post]
15. Citi will stop originating home loans through brokers [WSJ]
16. NYC churches cope with ruling that bars them from renting space in public schools [NYT]
17. Advocacy group opens home in Midwood for six disabled adults [NYDN]
18. Massive rock formation at Hell’s Kitchen’s DeWitt Clinton Park was caused by colliding continents [NYT]