Check out the digital, iPad-friendly February issue of The Real Deal

February 07, 2012 08:30AM

In The Real Deal‘s ongoing effort to make our coverage of New York City real estate as accessible to you, the reader, as possible, we want to make sure you’re aware of the digital version of our February issue.

In addition to accessing the magazine by becoming a subscriber (click here or on the “subscribe” tab on the top of this page), finding issues on your local newsstand and browsing the stories in an online format (click here or on the “magazine” tab on the top of this page), you can also find the full magazine in a digital, iPad-friendly version above.

It is an exact replica of what gets published in glossy print at the beginning of every month, and is even easier to share. Instead of handing over your coveted copy, just pass the link over to your colleagues. Best of all, the digital edition can be accessed all month on the right toolbar of The Real Deal‘ website.