The Real Deal New York

The rise of Rapid Realty

Firm’s assembly-line approach leads to speedy growth, but garners criticism
By Katherine Clarke | February 07, 2012 10:30AM

From the February issue: Rapid Realty’s Brooklyn headquarters was buzzing on a Thursday afternoon last month, as agents jostled for space at computers lining the exposed-brick wall. For an office housing 30 agents, the sleekly designed space is tiny — only around 500 square feet.

But that’s the point, explained Rapid founder Anthony Lolli; the young rental brokerage prides itself on being efficient. The black-and-metal bar stools that serve as the only seating, for example, are “not supposed to be comfortable,” he said, since agents are encouraged to be out doing deals rather than sitting in them. [more]

  • KaKaw

    rapidly going under…

  • Anonymous1

    Nothing but bad experiences with Lolli and Rapid…All of his franchises are being squeezed by his ridiculously high ‘franchising fees’ and splits.


    also, glad to see them wearing suits for the pic up top! Ive never seen a rapid agent in a suit or even a button down lol…got to put on a show for the press I guess.

  • brooklyn girl

    Ugh, had a horrible experience there, never again. Agents with little experience and owners with questionable business practices. As for the “friend” with the trash removal franchise? I witnessed a near brawl between those two in the RR offices after a deal gone bad.

  • anonymousGosip

    Good God. i have had the “pleasure” of speaking with this individual asking about joining the company – what a joke. first they will pay you only 25% per deal second they don’t let you leave 3rd the bad mouth you to other companies once you do leave (after calling agents before i joined) some are even afraid to talk because the owner apparently is involved in illegal thing and acts like a gangster – waiting for the article headline the fall of rapid realty !!!

    YUK losers

  • daniela kovick

    Try the real estate scam in Riverdale “Scissors are Us” being there headquarters. It is located on 242nd Street on South Broadway last stop of the number 1 bus near Manhattan College. Scammers will steal your money and send off and you end up losing $1000. If you get a room or an apartment they will pound stereo or harass you and than fake they will get you a new place and request more money. If you go to the corner there is a new one with the Rapid Real Estate name. It was a Barber shop also. The bx9 stops there and the westchester bee line starts there. It is barber shop there is screwing up the community.

  • daniela kovick

    closed it!!!!!!! all criminals!!