Exec behind “Jeopardy!” claims Carlyle hotel damaged and stole his possessions

February 16, 2012 09:00AM

Television executive Murray Schwartz has filed suit against the Carlyle hotel, alleging management tried to cover up the extent of the damage his apartment incurred from a leak and then swiped jewelry, electronics and other valuables.

The New York Post reported that Schwartz, the former of CEO of Merv Griffin Enterprises who helped launch “Jeopardy!” and other popular programs, claimed he was told in July his pied-à-terre at the hotel was damaged after maintenance workers left a faucet running in the unit above his own, but downplayed the damage. The hotel, managed by Rosewood Hotels, called it a small water leak, he said, but when he sent a friend over to inspect the apartment, at 35 East 76th Street, she found more than $350,000 in damages.

Schwartz also alleged that gold cuff links, a 90-year-old watch, caviar spoons, fine glass and a digital camera were stolen while maintenance workers were repairing some of the damage. Carlyle representatives declined to comment, but Schwartz said he was especially disappointed because he maintained a “personal relationship” with one of the executives who reportedly lied to him. [Post]