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Trump’s Rana Williams joins Keller Williams NYC to launch luxury division

February 22, 2012 02:00PM

Longtime Trump sales executive Rana Williams finalized her move to Keller Williams NYC this week to launch a new luxury homes division, the brokerage announced today.

Williams established and for 19 years managed Trump Sales and Leasing, the Trump Organization’s residential brokerage division at 108 Central Park South. She brought three Trump agents with her, Haley Rutherford, Meredith Kutner and Ginger Shukrun, who have formed the Rana Williams Group.

Williams has assumed the title of senior vice president, the same role she filled with the Trump Sales and Leasing, but is also the executive director and founding member of the luxury homes arm. She works out of the firm’s 425 Park Avenue office.

Keller Williams NYC CEO Eric Barron said that Keller Williams Realty franchises have more than 1,200 agents who specialize in luxury homes internationally, and the Manhattan firm was looking to ingratiate itself within that network. He called Williams “the perfect person to spearhead this initiative.”

Like many executives who have joined Keller Williams NYC of late, including, most recently, Dawn Doherty, Williams cited the compensation model and entrepreneurial spirit as reasons she wanted to join.

“I saw an opportunity to build my business with Keller Williams NYC,” she said. “The company’s extremely compelling model allows me to be an entrepreneur while providing the systems, education, technology and infrastructure to maximize my ability to represent sellers and purchasers at the highest level and in the best possible way.”

Trump Sales and Leasing was not immediately available for comment. — Adam Fusfeld

  • Raging Realtor

    Why would Trump respond. He hires outside brokers to represent Trumps property. This speaks for itself.

    • RealDealNY

      You are absolutly right!! I completely agree!

  • JRaff

    Welcome Rana! So happy you’ve joined and will create an amazing Luxury division for KWNYC!

  • NYCRealty

    FINALLY!!! Someone in this industry that knows Real Brokerage! and is aslo heading up a Luxury Division WAY TO GO RANA!!! I’ve worked with her on many deals throughout the city… and let me just say, “they dont make them like that anymore” Trump Lost a Real Gem!!! and Keller Williams gained a Diamond!!! Good Luck Rana Williams!

    • RealDealNY

      I agree with what your saying “NYCRealty” Trump most def lost a Gem!!! Let’s just say they gained a Platinum Piece, for argument sake!!! Sucks for Trump! Go kwnyc!

  • RealDealNY

    That’s exciting… Welcome Rana! not to mentioned that she took three agents with her… LOL! Says a lot about Trump! and a whole lot about Rana!! Wow after 19 years… now that’s what you call a change in the right direction! I agree with ‘Raging Realtor’… Trump and his team will never respond their probably embrassed and very well should be! This piece def speaks for itself. CONGRATS!

    • sgroban

      Well said “realdealnyc”

  • sgroban

    i am fresh out of the gate got my licence late last year and would always read about a few selective set of women in the real estate world…. its great knowing that women have been taking over and leading this industry by storm.. change is always good i guess in our own Real Estate World we all have our very own celebrities, good luck on the change ms. rana williams by the look of this article you deserve it

  • Get Real

    Wow, look at the Keller Williams PR machine churn out all these lovely accolades! To be fair, I heard from a former Trump broker that Rana was a terrible manager at Trump because she was busy being a broker, not a manager. She cherry picked all the best listings and clients then let her brokers wallow on their own because she just didn’t have time for them. No wonder Trump didn’t comment. Good luck Keller!

  • NYCRealty

    Uh “Get Real” do what your name says and GET REAL… With the Facts!! Did you read the article?!?! She moved on to better after 19 years!! I’m pretty sure Trump didn’t have a problem with all the loot she was bringing, she been on how many top 5 selling broker in NYC list… But let me guess you prob work for Trump, don’t worry she gone now fetch after her scraps and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t!

    Listen there is a ton of real estate to go around and its a small world out there don’t be surprise if your sitting next to her at a closing… But then again you have to get there first!!! LOL! Typical Trump! Try to make it all about him!

    • Get Real

      Uh, NYCREALTY get real and stick with the facts. Why so testy? I’m sure she’s a wonderful person and no one said anything negative about her being a great broker, in fact, that was apparently the problem. I heard she was so busy doing deals to stay in the top 5 that the rest of her team were left to “fetch after the scraps” as you so succinctly put it. Good for her! LOL!

      • NYCRealty

        Get Real! Maybe you should re-read your snarky comment the only comment with a negative tone and then ask you yourself who testy… Or mad! Clearly you are… Yet your getting your “facts” prob from a disgruntal trump employee… I’ve been with PDE for years and you would expect someone in the business for 19 years to have a certain level of clientel, don’t you think? Get Real, go scratch… And compare your trouble “broker” who prob a salesperson to rana… I’m pretty sure the number, level of experience and years of relationship would take years to add up! Don’t be mad “getreal” congratulate. Or step aside and watch maybe you’ll learn something.

  • Thor

    The Trump’s should not be in the business, they have no money and they think they know the brokerage business . Their commission split really SUCK! you have to to crazy to work there!!!. They should be in the hair business.

  • sgroban

    Is this real estate or as the world turns?!?! You know the phrase don’t talk about it be about it! It looks like trump is talking about it and is mad that this lady rana is about it… I guess it funny to see whose been watching your sucess once you take a leap! Stop being high school trump and grow up

  • manhattanbrkr

    I know her and I’m sure she wont be missed, lets see how long she lasts at KW..just watch