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Mother sues to evict son from Sutton Place pad

February 23, 2012 12:30PM

A Sutton Place apartment owner has moved to evict the resident living in her two-bedroom co-op — her son.

The New York Post reported that Katherine Gregori has fiiled a lawsuit against her son, Michael Gregori, seeking to evict her son and recoup more than $400,000 in damages. She alleged Michael refused to move out of the apartment at 400 East 52nd Street and changed the locks, “effectively evicting” his 92-year-old mother. Katherine currently lives with relatives in Maryland.

Michael moved in five years ago when his wife, ballerina Eva Evdokimova, was battling cancer and he needed a place to live in the city, according to court documents. The suit alleges he became unable to care for his mother, forced her to relocate to live with family members and denied access to relatives who requested acces to the apartment on behalf of his mother.

But Michael said his mother suffers from dementia, and claimed that relatives seeking financial gain were likely behind the suit. “There’s some manipulation of an elderly person. It’s a story as old as time,” he said. [Post]

  • Perryro

    This story is a tragedy

    • Adam Fusfeld/TRD

      Agreed, and against all odds, the Post covered it relatively tactfully.

  • Clearing Theair

    I loved Katherine Gregori may
    she rest in peace. She was not suffering from dementia. Katherine was
    being cared for in a adult care facility due to illness but when she was
    cleared to go home Michael Gregori fabricated numerous reasons why she
    could not come home to her own apartment. Michael Gregori is a hoarder
    who basically forced his own mother out of her own apartment, requiring
    her to move to MD. Peter Gregori, another son of Katherine’s, opened his
    house in Maryland to his mother and to the whole family’s benefit. She
    was able to live out the remaining days of her life surrounded by her
    loving family including 4 great grandchildren. It is suspected that
    Michael Gregori has now begun harassing other family members, including
    Peter and his children, through local Social Services departments by
    filing false reports of inhospitable conditions for the residing
    children. (Katherine’s great grandchildren) His motives? Money. He is
    interested in defaming family members named in his mother’s last will
    and testament in order to claim the apartment in the above article (at
    which he still squats) as well as other assets of the dearly departed.
    The man is in serious deficit of character and his recent actions,
    unprovoked, are under handed and deplorable.