Greenwich Village Society head criticized, even by his allies

February 27, 2012 11:00AM

While Andrew Berman and the non-profit preservation group he heads, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, are among the most vocal opponents of New York University’s planned expansion in Greenwich Village, Berman and his cohort from the Greenwich Village Society were absent from a recent rally that Assembly member Deborah Glick held in the area opposing the expansion, Crain’s reported. 

The reason why is that Berman is fiercely individualist and like to be center of attention, even his allies tell Crain’s. “It has to be all Andrew’s show, all the time,” one supporter of Glick’s said. “If it’s not his idea, he doesn’t want to play.”

Berman has opposed nearly every development in Greenwich Village and Chelsea in the last 10 years during which he has been affiliated with the Greenwich Village Society. He has won victories, such as getting the Meatpacking District designated as a landmarked district, but he has also ruffled many feathers with his dogmatic and unyielding anti-development stance.

“Andrew’s modus operandi is to demonize a project, demonize elected officials and demonize the local community board,” another fellow activist told Crain’s. And John Sutter, the publisher of the Villager, agrees. “Andrew can be over the top,” he said. “And to his own detriment.” [Crain’s]