Trump Place resident sued for erecting Jewish religious structure

TRD New York /
Feb.February 28, 2012 02:30 PM

A Trump Place resident will be forced to confront a higher authority for the religious structure he erected on his third-floor terrace in the fall. The New York Post reported that a couple who lives two floors above Zev Geller’s 120 Riverside Boulevard apartment has sued him for building a Sukkah on his terrace.

The suit filed last week alleges the 20-foot-long Sukkah, a religious structure with a bamboo top that Jews erect for 10 days each fall for the holiday Sukkot, presents a fire hazard. The problem is exacerbated when Geller barbecues on his terrace during the holiday.

The couple has sued Geller, the condo owner and the condo board for $500,000, and want Geller out of the building. But Geller said he looked up the law and found that the temporary structures don’t fall under the fire code.

“I’m literally just a Jewish person living in New York City, but I guess my neighbor doesn’t like that,” Geller said. [Post via NYO]

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