Corcoran compares falling for a house in a bad nabe to choosing the wrong lover: VIDEO

February 29, 2012 03:30PM

The founder of the Corcoran Group sat down with Fox News (see video above) and said what she considers the best opportunities the real estate market has to offer — the second home market and homes that are slightly overpriced.

Corcoran had encouraging words for Fox reporter Gerri Willis, telling her that “only a third of the market is still dumping,” that the second home market is “the softest market in the world,” and to look at neighborhoods not individual homes. In fact she analogized falling for a house in a less-than-spectacular neighborhood to choosing the wrong lover. She advises young women, and prospective homebuyers and investors, to look at the whole context — family or neighborhood.

The only bad news? The best time to buy was two months ago, Corcoran said. At that point, she said, “you would have had 20 percent more homes to choose from.”