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Top MNS agents head to Town

Corcoran, Core brokers also defect to year-old brokerage
By Katherine Clarke | March 06, 2012 06:30PM

Ari LeFauve and Lyon Porter, two of MNS’ most highly ranked resale brokers, have joined Town Residential, Town told The Real Deal today, along with other new hires from Core and the Corcoran Group.

The loss of the duo may be a blow for the brokerage headed by Andrew Barrocas, where LeFauve, a then senior vice president, had been the company’s first ranked resales agent for five of the last six years, losing out only to Porter, also a senior vice president, in 2009. An MNS spokesperson noted, however, that those honors were shared between several brokers at the firm.

The pair will work out of Town’s Flatiron office, which is headed by Wendy Maitland, managing director of both Town Flatiron and Town West Village.

“Ari and Lyon are true rising stars in our industry,” Maitland said in a statement. “Like many others, they have taken notice of what we’ve accomplished at Town and believe that partnering with us can help take their business to a whole new level… Not only does this further strengthen our formidable team, it also demonstrates yet again that industry leaders believe in the transformational approach Town has taken to redefining real estate services in Manhattan.”

In a statement, Barrocas said he wished LeFauve and Porter well: “Ari and Lyon were amongst the top resale agents at MNS,” he said, “and I’m proud to have spent the last nine and six years working with them, respectively.”

LeFauve said he and Porter were attracted to Town for its reputation for innovation.

“The firm has raised the bar in our industry and has already begun to redefine what New Yorkers expect from real estate professionals,” he said.

David Grossman and Veronica Matto of Core and Jill Camac of Corcoran have also joined Town in recent days, Town said.

“The positive energy and innovative services are evident at Town and made this an easy decision for me,” Camac explained, while Grossman noted that “the business philosophy at Town is completely relationship- and service-oriented.”

In a statement to The Real Deal Core CEO Shaun Osher said of Grossman and Matto’s departure: “As a boutique agency who provides the highest level of service in our industry to our agents, we expect a high level of performance. Unfortunately David Grossmann and Veronica Matto did not meet this level and were asked to leave. We wish them well.”

As The Real Deal previously reported, Town is opening its sixth office on the Upper East Side this week (today The Real Deal learned it was tonight) at 239 East 79th Street. The company has five other offices throughout the city, including locations in the West Village, Flatiron District, the Financial District, Astor Place and Midtown.

  • Classless To The Core

    Shaun Osher… wow!!! Nothing like throwing agents under the bus instead of wishing them well. No wonder Core has crumbled as fast as it has.

    Hopefully Jack Cayre has nicer things to say about Shaun when he replaces him as CEO. Rumor has it that will be before end of this summer… you heard it here first!

  • dontstop

    I have dealt with Camac, Grossmann, and LeFauve in the past and they are all pros and great people. Good for them and even better for TOWN.

    What baffles me is that CORE is losing agents left and right and Osher has the audacity to speak badly about these two agents that left?! After 5 agents left last month he was “unavailable for comment” . Even if you are trying to save your company from bad publicity do it with class not trashing them and then “wishing them well”. That’s like stabbing someone while saying have a nice day! Unbelievable.

    What is happening over at CORE right now? Please dish…

  • The Raven

    David Grossman and Veronica Matta are tops. Core’s loss. Based on what we’ve seen here there are ‘personal issues’ interfering with running a small company. Respect good brokers and don’t blame your personal problems on good people. That’s a loser’s game.

  • 3CPO

    Sour grapes for Osher for sure…his legend in his own mind status must be wilting on the vine a bit….he’s never been a good manager only a good broker so he should have sticked to his knitting….looks like his world is crumbling a bit…may have to give up the driver…so obnoxious…Is it true Cayre trying to push him out??

  • FatsSpinnola

    There are agents at CORE with far less experience in real estate than those who have recently departed. Throwing reputable agents under a truck is low behavior for any real estate professional, let alone a CEO.
    Good agents need support not public trashing. Here’s to great success to David and Veronica and all of the others who have recently left.

  • Scrooged

    Core keeps training them and spending money on them and other firms pick them up. I never understood Core, they say they are a marketing firm, but I’ve never seen them market anything other than through pictures in their offices. I have never seen a single one of their ads in the New York Times, Post, Gotham or anywhere else for that matter. Real estate is about marketing, if you are not marketing, then you have no business being in real estate. Plain and simple.

  • nycliving1

    That a CEO would throw agents that worked hard for their commissions and for their company under the bus is appalling. CORE prides its self in having an image of class that his leader cant even represent. Best of luck to all the agent that have departed to find a better home.

  • brokerbabe

    Much better place to land!!!!! Yay guys! You go!

  • AgentNYC

    BIG loss to MNS. They’ve lost so many good agents over the past six months, and apparently there are more to come. Something is badly wrong there. But at least the CEO doesn’t trash the departed. GOD, Shaun, what are you thinking?