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Top Core agent defects to Elliman

Kirk Rundhaug's departure is 10th from Shaun Osher's firm in three months
By Katherine Clarke | March 12, 2012 12:30PM

Kirk Rundhaug, a longtime Core agent and senior vice president, has departed the firm to join Prudential Douglas Elliman as an executive vice president, Elliman told The Real Deal today. His departure is the 10th from the firm in the last three months; the most recent departures were David Grossman and Veronica Matto, who both joined Town Residential earlier this month, and Lawrence Rich, who returned to Elliman after five months at Core, last month.

“My past experience opened invaluable opportunities for me that I am very grateful for, and I felt that this was the time to move on and use all I’ve learned to grow even more,” said Rundhaug in a statement, calling Elliman a “powerhouse” company. “Coming to Elliman seemed the logical choice — with its great energy and tremendous resources.”

Rundhaug’s is different from previous departures, which also include Linda Ho, Deborah Straubinger and Liz Dworkin, Core said, because he left Core of his own volition and not because he was asked to leave. (Straubinger and Liz Dworkin told The Real Deal in January that they had also left of their own accord, an assertion denied by Core.) After two months at Core as a senior vice president and associate broker, Ivana Tagliamonte also left Core went back to Halstead Property in December. The decision to leave was mutual between Tagliamonte and Core, Core said, but Tagliamonte said she left of her own accord. (note: correction appended)

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Kirk to join the management team at Elliman,” Core CEO Shaun Osher said in a statement about Rundhaug’s departure. “We spoke a lot about this decision. As a broker myself, I understand the stress it takes on us all. This is an important decision for Kirk and his family. I wish him well and he knows he always has a home at Core.”

In contrast, Osher said last week of Grossman and Matto’s departures: “As a boutique agency who provides the highest level of service in our industry to our agents, we expect a high level of performance. Unfortunately David Grossmann and Veronica Matto did not meet this level and were asked to leave. We wish them well.”

Rundhaug is bringing his team to the brokerage, including Mark Lynch, Charlton Cini, and Paige Neuhauser. He and his team will be working out of Elliman’s flagship office at 575 Madison Avenue, specializing in new developments, according to Elliman.

“Kirk is an industry stand out, and his ability to achieve record sales in this highly competitive market makes him a valued addition to our Elliman team,” said Dottie Herman, president and CEO of Elliman.

Howard Lorber, chairman of the company, added: “Elliman has the platform, reach and contacts that will serve Kirk, his clients, and our company well.”

Before joining Core, Rundhaug was an interior designer with clients in New York, London, and California. He was selected by hotelier Ian Schrager to be director of sales for 50 Gramercy Park, a 23-unit leasehold co-operative linked to the Gramercy Park Hotel. At 40 Bond, a 28-unit condominium designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects Herzog & de Meuron he secured sales over $2,500 per square foot.

Rundhaug was not available to further comment on his new role.

  • Scrooged

    This can’t be good for morale. It seems as though the house is on fire at Core.

  • dontstop

    Interesting, another CORE broker, this time a top one leaves. Funny how Shaun decided not to bash him this time as he did his last agents.

    “Deborah Straubinger and Liz Dworkin, Core said, because he left Core of his own volition and not because he was asked to leave. (Straubinger and Liz Dworkin told The Real Deal in January that they had also left of their own accord, an assertion denied by Core.)”

    Why would a company deny that someone left on their own? Not that anyone cares… but to me…it sounds like ego-driven PR.

    Rundhaug is a powerhouse and he will do well anywhere he goes.
    GO Kirk!

    That said, what is really happening with CORE at the moment? I can’t get my head around 10 departure before the end of Q1 in 2012.


  • nyrealtor212

    Everyone knows that these agents were fired.

  • FatsSpinnola

    The legal translation for “Rundhaug’s is different from previous departures, which also include Jeannie Ma, Linda Ho, Deborah Straubinger and Liz Dworkin, Core said, because he left Core of his own volition and not because he was asked to leave”: After checking with counsel, after being horrified at the way Osher and his toady hench mistress of PR bashed departing brokers publicly, Rundhaug likely had his attorney serve notice on Osher that if there was any retributive bad mouthing it would be treated as actionable. Just as likely, Rundhaug was planning his departure for months, but had to get more positions unwound.

    Bottom line, Osher is flirting with action coming down on his license from the state for bad mouthing brokers who are free agents by having his toadies place posts that they were ‘fired.’ Can’t fire a free agent, duh! But that would never occur to a salaried PR flack who never read the first paragraph of Article 12A.

  • SSegal

    Midtown equities must be wondering about its money funneling into this high profile fertummelt fershtinkiner of a momzer with 1/3 turnover mostly of proven cash cow brokers all within a few months. It’s one thing to spend that kind of money if you have success, but this shanda riddled boat is going off the deep end. Good brokers will certainly think twice, thrice, and then pass on going to an outfit that acts this way, first to Eklund and Gomes and then to the two dozen or so that have bailed since. Town is a much better bet. And the big firms like Elliman, Corcoran and Halstead won’t even blink when this firm goes the way of reality tv and other fads.

  • nycliving1

    Its comical how Core keeps trying to separate who” left on their own and who was asked to leave” like it matters. Obviously an agency would not take an agent that didn’t have something to offer. Core is loosing agents that have great potential because it seems they are lacking resources, time, effort , organization and money to provide backing and support for their agents. Best of luck to Kirk!! he is a great broker of the highest professionalism. He is much better off at Elliman.

  • santiago1144

    Good luck to Kirk, Mark, David ,Veronica and all the other agents!! You are obviously on to better bigger things .

  • 3CPO

    CORE….Na Na Na na, bye bye …hey hey…goodbye…..heard more defections coming and maybe even more surprising ones than you think

  • miltsreus

    Have to admit, she’s pretty cute for a toady hench mistress.

  • streetsmart

    Kirk Rundhaug left Core?!? Good for him!!! I have met his “team” Paige and Mark, terrific personalities and very professional. What a coup for Elliman. Too bad for Core.

  • jimmyjay10011

    that totally SUCKS! what’s going to happen on HGTV now? Kirk R was the best thing about Selling New York and now…are they going to have a departure show? the challenge was one of the best segments…why didn’t they have more of Kirk and his team on? that SUCKS! we want more Kirk on HGTV!!!!! More Kirk on HGTV!!!