Tebow should probably live in NJ: Jets officials

March 23, 2012 04:30PM

The New York Jets are encouraging their high-profile new recruit to live in… New Jersey, of all places, Fox Sports reported. The reason? New York City nightlife could get Tim Tebow in trouble, Fox said.

“The team will encourage Tebow to live in New Jersey near the practice facility,” a source told Fox. “They are not going to want him to be influenced and distracted in the city.”

Tebow, whose religious fervor and late game dramatics made him a national sensation, is a teetotaler and abstains from pre-marital sex, according to reports. But the owners of New York City bars and clubs are already clamoring to have the pararrazi snap shots of the National Football League player at their establishments.

“New York is a tough place for someone with a holy background, and I can see it corrupting him,” said Maria Katz, a hostess at Sapphire, a strip club on the Upper East Side. [Fox]