$27.6M grant to add housing to Westchester adult care community

March 30, 2012 04:00PM

A new state grant-financed development at the Wartburg in Westchester County will create 60 units of affordable housing for elderly residents, as well as a new day care center for the elderly, the New York Times reported. It is a new project made possible by a $27.6 million grant, which marks the first round of grants issued under the state Healthcare Efficiency and Affordability Law.

The total grant money adds up to $150 million, and will be distributed to nine adult care organizations around New York state, according to the Times. The law aims to reduce the elderly’s Medicaid costs, as well as “[eliminating] excess bed capacity and [reducing] overreliance on inpatient care in hospitals and nursing homes,” said the state Department of Health to the Times. The Wartburg’s grant is the third largest in the state and one of two granted to Westchester County facilities, the Times wrote.

As it stands, the Wartburg Adult Care Community, a Mount Vernon-based facility, has 31 fair market-rented cottages meant for independent living, a dementia center and a nursing home. The grant-funded addition will be included in this location and, according to the Times, will open early next year. Later this year, the Wartburg will begin accepting applications for the new units. They will be assigned first-come, first-served and income eligibility will be considered. [NYT]