Should Manhattan have a ski mountain? One architect says yes.

April 04, 2012 03:30PM

New York City-based architect Ju-Hyun Kim has taken the term “out of the box thinking,” to a whole new level, Fast Company reported. Not only does he think Manhattan should embrace the big-box retailers it has thus far zoned out of Manhattan south of 125th Street, he thinks we should build ski mountains on top of them.

Kim urges allowing retailers like Target and Ikea to build on the Lower East Side because it would “provide a variety of choices of goods and services at lower prices, [and] create jobs and stimulate the local economy.” And, inspired by his native Korea’s melding of different topographies, he envisions something Manhattan lacks atop those stores: man-made mountains.

But, as Fast Company points out, Manhattan getting a half pipe is likely a pipedream. “There are too many technical and political problems for it to work. Never mind the potential hazards of a bunch snowboarders ollying [a snowboarding move] over Delancey Street,” the magazine said. [Fast Company]