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Trump sons say coverage of safari affair incomplete

April 10, 2012 01:00PM

There is more to the Trump sons’ African safari and killing spree than meets the eye, Forbes reported. The hunting trip Eric and Donald Jr. took in Zimbabwe last year might have looked brutal and bloodthirsty, but the media outlets, led by celebrity gossip blog TMZ, failed to report some key facts, Forbes pointed out: Elephants are overpopulated in the region where the Trumps were hunting, the leopard they killed was not endangered, contrary to reports, and elephant tails are removed in Africa as a matter of ritual “as a sign of respect for the fallen animal.”

Director-General of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, V. Chadenga, published a letter March 27 in which he called the blasting by the media “baseless” and stated that, “Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump hunted legally during their visit to Zimbabwe.”

Donald Trump Jr. told Forbes the media was not too concerned with the truth. “The hit piece was news to them, but the facts that later eroded the sensationalistic story weren’t worth their ink.” [Forbes]

  • KaKaw

    1. There is overpopulation in China…do we allow hunters to kill some people off for a fee?
    2. Leopard may not be endangered, but its a leopard! Kill something thats not as majestic like a cow or a pig.
    3. The tails may be removed as a sign of respect, but act respectful when holding it up..not looking like you’re barbaric and about to whip Ivanka with it.

    • bns

      I offer a deal to JR. Your a big sissy and I will prove your the little girl you act like..I am 75 (In great shape) and I will enter the ring with you any time you like….boxing or cage fighting…lets see if you have any real nuts or just fake as I think…bs

  • NYC

    Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. It doesn’t mean you should partake.

  • Raging Realtor


  • 301 NYC

    Hey Trump brothers, it’s unfortunate all this negative media coverage is surpassing the many good deeds and charitable things you guys have done throughout the years. Just try to understand that no matter how the media spun the story, the pics alone spoke louder. Keep in mind that looking happy and proud over the killing of a majestic animal(s) will ALWAYS be considered controversial, despite the fact you guys view it differently. I suggest you STOP trying to justify your actions, and admit that you learned a positive lesson from this ordeal, (perhaps a kind gesture or sizable donation would help) and then move forward with humility.