NJ couple sues landlord over haunted house: VIDEO

April 16, 2012 04:00PM

A New Jersey couple is taking their landlord to court to get back their $2,250 security deposit because they say their home is haunted, ABC reported in the video above.

Michele Callan, her two children and fiancé Josue Chinchilla  moved into the home March 1. They claim that paranormal activity inside their Toms River, N.J. three-bedroom rental caused them to move into a hotel March 13.

They complain of hearing taps resonating off the top of their television set. Chinchilla said that he’s felt taps on his shoulder while he was in bed. The couple told ABC that they recorded a voice whispering “Let it burn,” and that their lights flicker without anybody flipping a switch.” They even hired researchers of the paranormal to assess the situation, and they believe the couple.

Their landlord, however, isn’t buying it. He filed a countersuit alleging that the couple is using excuses of paranormal activity to break the lease early because money is tight.