Closing arguments heard in UES crane collapse case

April 20, 2012 03:00PM

The case against he owner of the crane that collapsed in 2008 is winding down, the Associated Press reported, as the final prosecutor summations were delivered today. Prosecuters accuse owner James Lomma of being a cold-hearted businessman who greedily commissioned a spotty, cost-saving repair of a crucial component of the crane and hid it from inspectors. The shoddy repair ultimately cost two lives at the 333 East 91st Street construction site, where the Azure condominium now stands.

But defense lawyers, who summed up Thursday, countered that the part did pass an inspection and that its ultimate collapse could be attributed to faulty maneuvering my the operators manning the equipment.

The AP said it was unclear how soon the judge might decide the case, which is being tried without a jury.

Meanwhile, several recent tragedies at Manhattan construction sites compelled the city to change crane regulations yesterday. [AP via Crain’s]