Former Finance Commissioner allegedly nabs low-rent apartment for lover, faces investigation for it

April 30, 2012 02:00PM

Former city Finance Commissioner Martha Stark allegedly secured a cut-rate East Harlem apartment from Glenwood Management for a woman with whom she was romantically involved after the Finance Department gave Glenwood a 30 percent reduction in its tax bill at an Upper West Side building in 2007, the New York Post reported. Stark’s partner, who the Post did not name, moved into Hampton Court at 333 East 102nd Street two weeks after the reduction went through.

Stark’s lover allegedly paid $2,600 per month for her apartment, which the Post said was lower than what other tenants paid, citing a Department of Investigation study that uncovered the allegation.

This comes in the wake of Stark’s $22,000 fine for using city resources while working for a real estate company.

The Department of Investigation has sent this alleged quid pro quo finding to the Manhattan district attorney’s office for potential prosecution.

Charles Dorego, vice president of Glenwood, who allegedly handled the deal for Stark, said in a statement that there was “no quid pro quo between Glenwood and Ms. Stark.” [Post]