The Real Deal New York

The digital edition of the May issue is live

May 01, 2012 02:00PM

As you surely know by now, subscribing to The Real Deal‘s print magazine and checking out the website at the beginning of the month isn’t the only way to satisfy your craving for all the latest news and insights from the New York City real estate industry. There’s also the iPad-friendly, digital edition — check it out below.

The digital edition retains all the aesthetic beauty of the print magazine while being just as easy to flip through and even easier to share. Best of all, it’s optimized for your tablet device so you can have the issue on you at all times.

This format can be accessed all month on the right tool bar of The Real Deal website. And don’t forget, if you like the weight and feel of the actual magazine you can always subscribe by clicking here or on the “subscribe” tab at the top of the page. TRD