Brasserie Pushkin to replace Mickey Mantle’s on Central Park South?

May 15, 2012 12:00PM

The high-end Russian eatery Brasserie Pushkin is currently in negotiations to occupy the space of bankrupt Mickey Mantle’s on Central Park South, the New York Post reported. ATCO’s Dale Hemmerdinger, Mickey Mantle’s landlord, is reportedly trying to evict the 25-year-old restaurant, which is four months behind on rent. 

The landlord wants Mantle’s to vacate the space by the end of the month. Mantle’s owner, Chris Villano, is reportedly trying to stave off eviction with plans to file a $71,000 check to Bankruptcy Court to cover one month of rent. Villano said he’s had problems meeting rent due to a slowdown in business, which he claims is ATCO’s fault for violating the terms of the lease. ATCO declined to comment.

Brasserie Pushkin sells traditional Russian dishes, such as borsch for $18 and pelmeni dumplings from $12 to $22, according to the restaurant’s website. Pushkin recently opened at 41 West 57th Street, and also has plans to open a  lower-priced outpost on West 14th
Street. [Post, 1st item]